This Thanksgiving show your backyard some appreciation

We know 2020 has been a *challenging* year, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a lot to be thankful for. Many of us have had more time to spend with our families, or to catch up on books or films we never seemed to have had time for. A lot of us also probably spent more time outdoors in our backyards where we could safely meet with a few friends. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, why not take some time to spruce up your backyard or outdoor space? There are a host of DIY projects that you can do that range from quick and easy to big and impressive.

Planters and trellises

Most of California has a pretty long growing season, and planters and trellises are a great addition to any backyard or deck. At The Decking Superstore we have a wide range of materials to build with, including treated lumber and Western Red Cedar, which is probably the most popular material for this type of project as it’s naturally weather resistant. A popular tip when building planter boxes is to purchase an inexpensive plastic planter from a garden center and then build your wooden planter around it. You can then lift out the plastic box and drop in another, instantly swapping plants. The inner plastic box has practical advantages too, as it separates damp soil from the wooden planter, which will protect the wood from moisture.

Arbors and benches

The beauty of an arbor and a bench project is their simple yet highly attractive design, meaning even beginner builders can take them on without difficulty. You can use them to create shade and privacy, to screen an unattractive view, or to even add a unique addition to a concrete patio or wood deck—even a second-floor deck. Your arbor or bench can be made from almost any material, too. We’ve seen incredible-looking projects made from beautiful hardwoods like Ipe and Cumaru, and great budget versions from pressure-treated wood. If you go this route, try using a penetrating stain and hiding the fasteners with a filler, which makes the project look more like a piece of furniture than decking.

Patio or deck privacy screen

If you need something a little more than an arbor and bench to separate you from the neighbors, then a privacy screen may be just the thing. A well-designed but simple, airy outdoor privacy screen will block all but the most persistent prying eyes. What’s more, they also help block wind, but they’re open enough to allow light and cooling breezes through, so you don’t have the closed-in feeling you’d get from a solid wall or fence. Privacy screens can be built in a ton of different designs, and horizontal screens are particularly popular now. Come and talk to one of our sales people and we’ll get you set up with the right materials and hardware for your project.

Gates and things

Speaking of hardware, updating old gate hinges, handles and latches is a quick and easy way to add new life and a new look to your outdoor space. A drill and a few tool bits are all you need. We have a huge selection of Gatemate hardware in virtually any style you’re looking for to spruce things up.

Railing systems

Here’s another project that will make a huge difference to the appearance of your deck and stairs. Replacing your old railing system can not only rejuvenate an older deck, but a modern more open system can significantly improve your view, as well.  We carry railing systems in beautifully grained hardwoods, softwoods and all major composite deck materials to match and augment your current deck.

Outdoor storage and sheds

Up for a bigger project? Storage lockers and sheds can be built in any size or style that suits your needs, and there’s no shortage of free downloadable plans available (here’s a good one using Western Red Cedar, but we can help if you want to use something else, too). Storage lockers and sheds keep your backyard tidy and neat and are ideal for lawnmowers, long handled tools, potting soil or whatever else needs to be put away and out of sight. If you’re tight for space, a smaller locker-style closet is a relatively quick and easy project that’s highly functional, while larger sheds can be finished in a roofing and siding that will match your home or garage, making an impressive addition to your yard.

Whatever your Thanksgiving project, our staff at The Decking Superstore can assist with material recommendations, hardware, fasteners and tools, and even where to source plans. Feel free to drop by anytime, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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