Cumaru Hardwood Decking

Also known as Brazilian Teak, Cumaru has very similar characteristics to the Brazillian hardwood Ipe, and is a top choice for a hardwood decking material.

This long lasting, prized hardwood has beautiful dark red/yellow/brown hues distinguishing it from the other tropical hardwoods. This is a great choice for residential and commercial projects, from decking and siding to commercial boardwalks and public walkways. Many of our customers choose Cumaru as an affordable alternative to Brazilian Ipe decking.

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Cumaru is a top choice decking and siding product with the highest level of durability, resistance to rot, mold, decay and insects.

Cumaru’s density and strength shows when walked on, where this decking has very little give or bounce to it. The Janka hardness of Cumaru decking can also withstand high amounts of foot traffic. Cumaru has a fine grain and a subtle waxy feel, and is proven to last up to 50 years in any climate, without preservatives. Cumaru is exceptionally scratch resistant and weathers storms and UV rays. Cumaru is the perfect decking material that lasts and looks beautiful for decades to come.

Cumaru Benefits & Fast Facts

What Are The Benefits Of Cumaru Decking?

Strong and Durable

An extremely stable, dense and durable hardwood, Cumaru has a Janka Hardness of 3,200 lbs, and is one of the strongest hardwoods.

Striking Appearance

Cumaru has a fine grain and a subtle waxy feel, with beautiful dark red/yellow/brown hues distinguishing it from the other tropical hardwoods.

Extended Lifespan

When it comes to service life, Cumaru has one of the highest possible decay resistance ratings of 50+ years.

Flame Resistance

Similar to most hardwoods, Cumaru received the highest fire classification by the National Fire Protection Association: Class A

Cost Effective

A beautiful hardwood with similar characteristics to Ipe, this cost effective solution is reliable and a long lasting decking solution.

A Great Choice For Residential & Commercial Projects

From decking and siding at home, to commercial boardwalks and public walkways, Cumaru is a top quality and versatile choice.

What We Carry

The Decking Superstore only carries Cumaru products that are of the finest quality. Containing 100% heartwood, our Cumaru decking is virtually clear with minimal character marks, and feature gorgeous grain patterns ranging from yellowy to reddish browns. As we have the largest selection of decking in the Northern California area, we always carry the most common sizes for your decking project. We also offer custom milling, and can usually have your product ready within days.

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