Ipe Decking

Often revered as the “King of Hardwood”, Ipe is a dense tropical hardwood that is durable enough for any climate, and is naturally resistant to rot and decay. Simply put, Ipe decking is one of the strongest woods on Earth.

This Brazilian hardwood will maintain its structural integrity for more than 50 years – making it one of the longest lasting wood decking options on the market. With a tight grain that makes it naturally slip-resistant, Ipe is a visually stunning building material that’s virtually knot-free and comes in a sumptuous array of brownish-red tones.



Ipe is a low-maintenance and stable decking option, with little or no warping. This premium Brazilian hardwood is perfect for those who want a gorgeous, luxurious amber-hued deck that will last beautifully for generations.

Ipe is a top choice for the most discerning of homeowners, as well as the most prestigious of commercial projects. Ipe is perfect for decking and siding applications, as well as commercial boardwalks, public walkways and docks. Left untreated, Ipe fades to a soft silver patina over time, but the lustrous, original coloring can be maintained with the periodic application of UV protective coatings such as Ipe Oil by DeckWise. Ipe is perfect for decking and siding applications, as well as commercial boardwalks, public walkways and docks.

Ipe Benefits & Fast Facts

What Are The Benefits Of Ipe Decking?

Exotic Beauty

From the gorgeous color range to the unique grain patterns, Ipe is widely considered one of the most beautiful of hardwoods.

Superior Strength

An extremely stable, dense and durable hardwood, Ipe is three times stronger than most treated hardwoods with a Janka rating of 3,680 lbs.

Extended Lifespan

When it comes to service life, Ipe has been awarded the highest possible decay resistance rating. 50+ years!

Resilient Surface

Since it's naturally resistant to most scratching, staining and splintering. Ipe stays smooth longer than most materials.
ipe decking swatch san francisco

Flame Resistance

Similar to steel, Ipe received the highest fire classification by the National Fire Protection Association: Class A

Slip Resistance

Ipe is perfect for poolside decking and hot tub platforms because it provides natural friction in wet climates.

Low Maintenance

Preserving Ipe's original reddish brown lustre requires very little upkeep. Or you can let it weather grey.

Natural Choice

Unlike pressure treated woods or composites, Ipe doesn't have any preservatives and therefore 100% chemical free.

Why Choose Ipe Decking?

Ipe is simply a top choice for hardwood decking. It's extremely stable, hard, dense, and is immune to all forms of punishment from weather and wear-and tear, and highly resistant to scratching.

Garnering the United States Forest Products Lab's highest durability rating, Ipe resists termites, cupping, decay, bending and wood rot. It also has a Class A Fire Rating, a classification provided by The National Fire Protection Association. It's almost impossible to break an Ipe board, which also means there is very little bounce in an Ipe deck. It’s the concrete of wood products, which means you're getting all the lush beauty of wood with rock-solid strength. It's natural slip-resistance also makes Ipe a great option for decks near hot tubs, ponds and pools. Naturally fire resistant, Ipe is also an ideal choice for decks that with charcoal grills and fire pits. An Ipe deck is perfect for someone who appreciates the best deck-building material money can buy.


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Ipe Decking Grades

ipe decking swatch san francisco
ipe decking swatch san francisco

A-Grade Premium

The Decking Superstore’s highest quality Ipe decking material, this premium grade of Ipe is superior in every way, and has the most uniform colors (less noticeable streaks or discolorations). This premium grade of Ipe features gorgeous grain patterns, and is the perfect wood for creating the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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