Kebony® Siding

Kebony Siding is durable, requires no maintenance and features quick and exact installation with an easy-to-use rail system.

Grad for Kebony rainscreen siding uses a specially created cladding that is designed to fit exactly into the Grad™ Mini Rail system, locking each board precisely into place.  This makes for fast and simple installation.

The Grad™ system allows for installation of the boards either horizontally or vertically and a choice of two gap sizes.  This versatility allows you to choose the aesthetic you want for the look of your project and modify installation instantly.

Kebony Siding

About Kebony® Siding

The Decking Superstore's Kebony Siding is a green choice with resistance to the elements, allowing it to stand up against any type of weather.

Kebony Grad Cladding is the solid choice for your next siding project.  With a 50 to 75 year life expectancy, no maintenance and lovely weathering from a darker brown to silver-gray patina, Kebony is an ideal choice. The grooves on the back board fit precisely into the rail system leaving a smooth and seamless appearance when fully installed.

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Quick and Easy Installation with the Grad™ Mini Rail Locks Your Kebony Grad™ Cladding Precisely in Place.

Simply fasten the rails on to the vapor barrier or sheathing and then click the boards on. You'll be done in a snap.

The Grad™ Mini Rail system is a hidden fastener for cladding with uniform spacing and built-in natural air gaps between the boards. No pre-drilling or clip mounting required. Contact us today for a quote on your next siding project.

The Grad™ Mini Rail System

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