California Redwood Siding

A naturally stable species, Redwood siding is resistant to shrinking, warping and checking. But what really sets this softwood siding apart is its undeniably rich and warm reddish tonality that few building materials can attain.

California Redwood resists decay and damage caused by insects and works for decks in both damp environments and dry climates. Redwood decking earned a Class B compliance rating in flame-spread and heat-release lab tests and is also listed in California’s Fire Marshal’s guide of approved building materials.

California Redwood is a top-performing softwood that doesn’t easily check, shrink or warp. California Redwood is also an eco-choice because softwoods such as Redwood are renewable, recyclable and energy efficient. To maintain the Redwood’s vibrant color, apply a stain, or allow it to weather naturally to a silvery patina.

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