Kebony® Decking

Kebony Decking is highly durable, easily installed and requires very low maintenance.

Boasting a four-in-one wood decking profile that is specially designed to cut down on milling and lead time, Kebony® allows for easy securing of surface decking.  If you want to fasten through the face of the board, plug, install hidden fasteners or use the patented Step-Clip™ for Kebony system, Kebony Decking is the right choice.


Kebony is a highly durable, sustainable wood with the aesthetics and performance of the most sought after tropical hardwoods.

Kebony® is the best solution for exterior applications requiring durability and low maintenance.  Kebony is produced from sustainably-sourced timber which is then modified with a bio-based, non-toxic liquid. The resulting product features permanent bonding inside the wood fibers, making it stable, hard, and durable. While the bending strength is relatively unchanged from the parent wood, the stiffness is improved by 10-20% and the hardenss is improved by 30-50%.

Kebony Decking is the right choice if you are looking for the character and beauty of real wood with enhanced attributes that make it last for a long time.  This superior quality enhanced wood is also extremely cost-effective with low life-cycle costs.


Kebony Benefits & Fast Facts

What Are The Benefits Of Kebony Furfurylated Deck Boards?


Kebony's furfurylation process produces products that are resistance to decay, have increased stability, and contain controlled moisture content. Because of these features, Kebony offers a 30-year warranty on Kebony products. The modification process also makes it very resistant to warping, cupping and splintering

Low Maintenance

Kebony deck boards weather to a silver patina and do not require maintenance other than normal cleaning with soap and water or light pressure washing.

Rot Resistance

The modification process uses a bio-based liquid that increases the resistance of Kebony to rot, decay, fungi and other wood ruining micro-organisms.

Easy Installation

Kebony provide options, with their unique four-in-one decking profile. This saves you time and offers versatility when installing.


Because Kebony uses lumber from FSC certified, sustainably managed forests and non-toxic chemicals in its processes, you can feel good about decking with this incredibly green product.


Left to weather naturally, Kebony's uniform colour and grain pattern will smoothly change from a deep brown color to a soft silver patina over time. If you wish to keep the original darker colour you can stainusing a tinted oil, which will protect the finish against weather and UV.

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