Wood vs. Composite Decking Comparison Tool

Our most common question: “Should I go with wood or composite for my next decking project”?

The choices are quite simple.  If you really like the look of wood and don’t mind a little upkeep (upkeep is optional if you don’t mind your untreated deck to turn grey over time), then wood decking is definitely the way to go.  If you don’t want to do any maintenance whatsoever, then composite decking is your best option.

Our Decking Comparison Guide below contains comparison data of the most popular decking materials available today. Please click on any 3 tickboxes below for more information about each product.

The information in this comparison chart is for the benefit of customers for the purpose of helping them choose a decking product that’s right for them. The information provided is subject to change. To compare our specific brands directly, please visit our composite decking brand comparison page for more details.

Please select up to 3 choices:
PVC Decking
Capped Composite Decking
Hardwood Decking
Softwood Decking
Decking TypePVCCapped CompositeHardwoodsSoftwoods
Brands or Species (if applicable)     Ipe, Garapa, Cumaru,Red Batu/BalauCalifornia Redwood, Western Red Cedar
Stain ResistanceExcellentExcellentModerateModerate
Fade ResistanceExcellentExcellentModerateModerate
Scratch ResistanceExcellentExcellentGoodGood
Mold ResistanceExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
Warranty25 Year Fade & Stain25 Year Fade & StainNoneNone
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