California Redwood Decking

Building with California Redwood from the Decking Superstore will instantly elevate your outdoor living space to another level of beauty and elegance. The warm reddish tonal range makes a statement and creates a dramatic effect that few building materials can achieve without the aid of a saturated stain. The locally sourced wood also has a long straight grain, making it the perfect material for sleek contemporary design.

But it doesn’t just look great. California Redwood is a durable top performing wood that doesn’t easily check, shrink or warp. Furthermore, it’s durable, weather resistant and requires minimal maintenance.

It’s also an eco choice. That’s because softwoods such as Redwood are totally renewable, recyclable and energy efficient – after all, the energy to produce Redwood is completely solar powered.

Benefits & Fast Facts

Inspired Appearance

This naturally beautiful wood sets the stage for a truly inspired outdoor living experience.

Dimensionally Stable

California Redwood holds its moisture so it stays true to form without contorting or shrinking.

Color Longevity

Redwood is resistant to UV rays, so it will maintain its beautiful vibrant appearance for decades to come.

Sunny Solution

No shoes? No problem. Redwood is thermally reflective, which means it’s always cool underfoot.

Carpenter Friendly

Outdoor structures are a pleasure to build with Redwood because it’s doesn’t jam power tools.

Low Maintenance

Preserving Redwood’s beauty requires very little upkeep (see Best Building Practices for more info).

Green Choice

Redwood actually reduces your eco footprint because instead of emitting carbons, it absorbs them.

Naturally Resilient

Redwood’s natural oils stave off rot and insects so it’s an ideal material for outdoor structures.

California Redwood Decking Grades

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The Decking Superstore’s premium grades of Redwood only contain durable heartwood and therefore showcase the very best attributes of Redwood. The highest quality appearance wood within this range is virtually clear, free of knots and imperfections. The more economical architectural grades are still beautiful and dimensionally stable. The only difference is they feature a limited amount of knots and minor imperfections.

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These budget friendly grades may contain sapwood and therefore not ideal for decking. They are, however, ideal for fencing, pergolas and lattice panels. The higher end garden grades may have minor imperfections, but are generally still vibrant in color (remember: the redder, the better). So if you want to complement your Redwood deck with a matching outdoor structure (whilst saving money), garden grades are your best option.

What We Carry

As we have the largest selection of decking in the Western United States, we always carry the most common sizes for your decking project.  We also offer custom milling, and can usually have your product ready within days.  Please contact us for pricing and availability today.

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2 x 4 Available Lengths

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4 x 4 Available Lengths

8 / 10 / 12 / 16 / 20

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6 x 6 Available Lengths

8 / 10 / 12 / 16 / 20

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