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Thermory Ash Wood Decking

Thermory naturally enhances natural wood using only heat and steam, leading to unequalled durability and stability without sacrificing the natural qualities of real wood.

Between Thermory’s expert wood scientists and exceedingly high sourcing standards, that’s all that’s needed to create products that set the bar for rot and insect resistance and longevity. The heat alters the wood, enhancing it completely and the steam gives Thermory the complete control over the process.

Thermory decking san francisco

Inset: Thermory Ash, Photography by Thermory

Why Thermory Decking From The Decking Superstore?

Huge Inventory of Thermory Decking in NorCal

We've Been In Business Since 1965

Over 2 Acres Of Decking Under One Roof

We Ship Nationwide

We Offer Custom Milling Onsite

Thermory's milling process is truly unequalled. Their "Smooth-Kissed Milling" delivers boards so consistently smooth, you’ll want to touch it to believe it. Each board is smooth, straight and reliable. They don’t settle for a good result, and you shouldn’t either.

Thermory makes expertly thermally-modified wood. All of their current products undergo the same thermal modification process resulting in real-wood products that have incredible moisture-resistance, leading to an easy 25+ year rot resistance rating.

The Thermory color evolution is a unique journey. Over time, a Thermory deck will transform from its original natural-wood color to a breathtaking weathered silver. This transformation typically happens over six months to a year, but the speed depends on your climate and weather conditions. If you want your wood to stay the color it is, periodically oiling it will maintain the beautifully consistent color that’s resulted from our natural modification process.

Thermory Benefits & Fast Facts

What Are The Benefits Of Thermory Heat Treated Decking?

Real Wood Appeal

Thermory Real Wood Ash Decking possesses the natural beauty real wood, and performs similar to an exotic hardwood.

Weather Resistance

Thermory decking offers drastically reduced moisture absorption, so the rain/sun cycle wreaks less havoc.

Rot Resistance

Thermory Benchmark Ash comes with 25+ year rot resistance rating, and doesn’t require additional treatments or coatings to achieve this rating – it’s simply a natural result of our thermal modification process.
Thermory ash wood decking

Simple Installation

Thermory manufactures their own hidden clip system, and even better, their exclusive JEM joint system saves time (and materials) by eliminating the need for each seam to rest on a joist.

Foot Friendliness

We think being barefoot on your own backyard deck is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. Thermory decks are feet-friendly, with a high solar reflectivity rating that means no hot feet, scorched deck-side plants, or fear of going barefoot.

Slip Resistance

Similar to other hardwood products, Thermory is great for poolside decking and hot tub platforms because it provides natural friction in wet climates.

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thermory deck with outdoor kitchen
thermory deck with outdoor kitchen

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