California Redwood Decking

Naturally robust California Redwood is a durable and sustainable decking material prized for its rich reddish-brown hues and tones.

The warm tonal range in California Redwood decking makes a statement and creates a dramatic effect that few building materials can achieve without the aid of a saturated stain. This top-performing softwood that doesn’t easily check, shrink or warp.

About California Redwood Decking

Redwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay, and resists warping and splitting. The warm reddish tonal range makes a statement and creates a dramatic effect that few building materials can achieve without the aid of a saturated stain.

With regular maintenance, Redwood decking can last up to 15-20 years. At any stage in the aging process, it is possible to preserve Redwood’s distinct color by simply applying a sealer, or allow it to weather naturally to a silvery patina. The application of sealants, paints or other finishes is not required to complete a Redwood structure, which is resistant to UV rays, so it will maintain its beautiful vibrant appearance for decades to come.

California Redwood Benefits & Fast Facts

What Are The Benefits Of California Redwood Decking?

Beautiful, Rich Red Tones

California Redwood's distinct warm and rich colors, and beautiful grains and patterns make this a top choice decking material.

Long Lasting

With regular maintenance, Redwood decking is a solid option lasting up to 15-20 years.

Dimensionally Stable

California Redwood that doesn’t easily check, shrink or warp making it a top choice for decking and siding projects.

Easy To Work With

With a Janka Hardness rating of 450lbs, California Redwood decking is lightweight, easy to cut and drill making this material an extremely easy material to work with.

Class ‘B’ Fire Resistance

Redwood decking has a Class B fire classification by the National Fire Protection Association.

Color Longevity When Maintained

Do you prefer red or grey coloration? Regular staining will preserve the distinct coloration, or you can allow it to weather naturally to a silvery patina.

Why Choose Redwood Decking?

California Redwood resists decay and damage caused by insects and works for decks in both damp environments and dry climates. Redwood decking earned a Class B compliance rating in flame-spread and heat-release lab tests and is also listed in California's Fire Marshal's guide of approved building materials.

California Redwood resists warping, splitting and stays comfortable underfoot even on the hottest days. Compared to tropical hardwoods, Redwood generally costs less on a square-foot basis. Much lighter in weight than tropical hardwoods and composites, Redwood is also easier on the tools. Despite its lightness, California Redwood stands up to the elements and is strong enough to ensure a strong, secure and, of course, beautiful thermally that stays cool under your foot.

redwood decking san francisco
redwood decking san francisco

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California Redwood Decking Grades

clear heart redwood
clear heart redwood

Heart Clear

The Decking Superstore’s Heart Clear Redwood only contains durable heartwood and therefore showcase the very best attributes of this Northern California softwood. This highest quality appearance wood is virtually clear, free of knots and any imperfections. Color streaking is consistently red with little to no white striping. This product is a popular choice for siding, paneling, decking, trim or any other appearance applications and is typically construction grade.
clear heart redwood
clear heart redwood

Clear Heart Face

Our Clear Heart Face Redwood also shares the same premium qualities and characteristics as Heart Clear, however this more cost-effective option has an exceptional and consistent “all-red-side”. When installed outwards in an appearance application, it is very difficult to tell the difference between this grade and Heart Clear.
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