Siding Season Series Part 3: Custom Siding

select tight knot western red cedar siding

Custom siding: if you can imagine it, we can create it.

In the last two parts of our Siding Series (Part 1, Part 2) we covered why the fall is an ideal time to undertake a siding project and the many choices of materials and profiles that are available. For the third part in this siding series we’re going to offer a few insights on what many homeowners and professional builders, designers and architects consider to be the ultimate in home siding: custom siding.

When it comes to building or refinishing your home, you want your options to match your vision. In addition to the fact your siding needs to be both long-lasting and low-maintenance, you also need it to be aesthetically pleasing, suit your surroundings, and to create the exact look you want.

That’s where custom siding comes in. By creating your own, unique siding profile- whether it’s shiplap, board and batten, bevel or tongue-in-groove- you’re not bound by any design convention and can pair your siding with visually interesting windows, creative roof lines and mixed finishing materials to create a standout, one-of-a-kind look for your home.

At The Decking Superstore, we use our own state-of-the-art Weinig Moulder to custom cut any length of solid wood or composite material to the exact siding profile you’re looking for. Our skilled experts can also match any existing pattern and reproduce it for you in the material and quantity you want.

The beauty of opting for a custom siding solution isn’t just getting the exact profile you’re looking for to finish your home. By creating a thicker than standard siding board, for example, you end up with a more durable and longer-lasting product that will stand up to weather and harmful UV rays better than a thinner board. Thicker boards also create deeper shadows between the layers of the siding for a more dramatic look and modern aesthetic.

New home siding trends now include wider siding profiles that create a cleaner more geometric look than you would have with a narrower profile like lap siding. These wider boards give homes a minimalist, contemporary appearance that is seen more and more in modern architectural design. The bottom line is: if you can imagine it, The Decking Superstore can create it.

With siding, like other design features, variety is key. Whether you’re looking for classic, traditional siding profiles, or want to create your own personalized look, we’re here to help homeowners bring their ideal design to life. If you’re trying to decide which material you’d like to start with, use our Siding Buyers Guide to compare the best options for your project and preferences.

Ready to start? Contact us today, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to finish your siding project on time, on budget, and in style.