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Are Hidden Fasteners Right For Your Deck?

Hidden deck fasteners make your deck look great. They’re out of sight, so all you see is the clean, unmarked deck surface. It’s no surprise people love them so much. They also eliminate the problem of exposed nail or screw heads injuring a foot, or catching a chair. But hidden fasteners do have…

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Finish or No Finish

Sometimes the best finish is no finish: letting your deck weather naturally

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Wood vs. Composite – Choosing the Right Decking Material

As consumers demand more choice, the variety of offerings from manufacturers grows, and choosing the right decking material can seem like a difficult task.

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Redwood vs Red Batu for Your Next Decking Project

So you’ve decided that you like the look of the warn reddish tones of California Redwood decking, but have you ever considered the Indonesian Hardwood Species Batu (Red Balau)?

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