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New Home Siding Trends for 2021

The material you choose to finish your home with is arguably the most important decision you’ll make in determining its design and aesthetic appeal. While architectural style obviously comes into play, the exterior cladding can create everything from a rustic, country look to a sleek and modern…

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Ipe: The Superwood.

There are a number of great natural wood products to use for decking and siding, and they all have unique characteristics and qualities. One of our preferred woods at The Decking Superstore, however, is the beautiful and extremely long-lasting species, ipe (pronounced: E-pay).

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Siding Season Series Part 3: Custom Siding

In the last two parts of our Siding Series (Part 1, Part 2) we covered why the fall is an ideal time to undertake a siding project and the many choices of materials and profiles that are available. For the third part in this siding series we’re going to offer a few insights on what many homeowners…

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Siding Series Part 2: Deciding On Siding

If you’re adding an addition to your home, or it’s time to replace your existing siding, the fall is a great time to do it. Cooler temperatures make outdoor work more comfortable, and it’s usually easier to find a qualified installer or contractor than it is in the thick of summer. Once you’ve…

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When’s the best time to start a siding project? Right now.

Weather-wise, the fall’s a great time as well as we don’t usually have the extreme heat of summer that can make working outdoors uncomfortable. If you’ve decided the time’s right to start your siding project, the next step is to make some design decisions. This is definitely the most exciting…

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